Time management is core to studying for any exam and it is crucial to passing your ACCA exams.

Here are our 3 tips to using your study time effectively:


1. Focus on your hardest topic at the beginning:

There is always that one subject which is harder than the rest so focus on it for the first three months of your preparation time. Study more of it and try to go through the complete subject syllabus in the early stages of your studying road map.

This will help restore your confidence and provide you ample time to revise the tougher bits of that subject in the closing stages of your study process.

2. Use your free time effectively

You’re most likely not going to have time to keep up all the activities you’re used to being able to do once you decide to undertake these exams. The time you dedicate to studying will have to knock some other commitments off your schedule. Sport, Family, that obscure television show you will only watch while studying for an exam. You’re going to have to reduce your time spent on some of these activities.

3. Find a study partner

Finding someone who is at the same stage as you can be really helpful as you can discuss points that you are struggling with in your exam preparation. The best option would be to find someone inside your company. They will be on a similar schedule to you and this will make life simpler. If you can’t find someone to work with thenĀ Open Tuition is a great resource!

So there you have it. Follow these tips and you’ll make life a lot easier for yourself in the run up to the exam. Nobody likes the feeling of last minute panic that can so easily be avoided. If you’re looking for help with your revision, we also have some great video content on our platform that you can try using a free trial.

Have you any other tips you think are important for effective time management? What was the biggest time management issue you encountered studying for your exam?