In the final stages of studying for your ACCA exam, it is inevitable that you will start to feel the pressure of the impending date. Here are some tips that will help keep you focused on the task ahead.

The 4 tips to help deal with time pressure

Build a study planner – It is important to plan your time and this can easily be done using an online calendar such as google calendar. Map out each exam you are due to sit and ensure you allot the appropriate amount of time, taking into consideration your strengths and weaknesses.

Use a study method you trust – Having an effective study method is crucial to passing any exam. It may be tempting at this late stage to consider sourcing a new study method that is rumoured to be a “game changing” approach. Avoid these flashy techniques and stick to what has worked for you so far.

Understanding the material – It is very important that you focus on understanding the topics and do not adopt a memorization technique that you think will help you cover everything in this short period of time. The examiner will be looking for new angles to approach when asking you a question and this will be much easier if you have a strong understanding of the subject. Also, understanding the material helps you to establish links between topics within the exam. Therefore, both studying and answering questions will be much easier, as the volume you memorize decreases.

Ensure you have rest periods – It is very important to make time for breaks, when you reach an intense stage in your study process. Continuous study without breaks will give the illusion of progress without actually making any progress at all. Give yourself some time to breath and return to your study with a renewed sense of focus.

What tips would you recommend to add to this list? Have you come across any ideas that you think made a huge impact to your study process?