Want some extra help and motivation to pass your ACCA exams? Get ready for the ACCA Coaching Program!

LearnSignal is inviting you to join the ACCA Coaching Program which will give you focus and motivation as you continue along your ACCA study path. Even better, it’s free!

Applications for the free ACCA Coaching Program have now closed. 


What Is The ACCA Coaching Program? (Applications Closed 30 June 2018)

The ACCA Coaching Program is your weekly boost of motivation, coaching, and support to help you pass your ACCA exams.

Every week, we will send you an email with a link to the week’s ACCA Coaching Program activity page. On that day’s page, you’ll find the activity for your chosen exam paper and off you go!

Every week you will be given guidance on what to focus on and study.

You will also be able to discuss study issues and questions in the online study discussion group.

Everyone will be able to access a mixture of suggested study questions to complete.

Of course, LearnSignal students will get extra support (task solutions and accompanying videos) but the weekly suggested study areas and daily discussions in the online student discussion group will be of great help to you in your ACCA exam preparation.

Applications for the free ACCA Coaching Program have now closed.