According to a Harris Interactive poll, employees who believe they are receiving “poor” training opportunities are three times more likely to leave their jobs compared to companies with “excellent” training programs.

Businesses are realising that their workers desire more than just higher salaries and extended vacations. Employees want to grow professionally by learning new skills.

To reduce employee turnover, invest in your staff with the help of online courses.

The Common Misconception

Employee training isn’t commonplace in all companies. Unfortunately, some corporate managers possess misconceptions that hinder their teams from excelling.

Here’s one common myth about training: Once a business trains its employees, they will look for better opportunities.

Some departments like to operate their training on a need-to-know basis, limiting their employees’ learning based on a job description. Managers worry that employees who gain different skills will want automatic promotions or search for another job elsewhere.

However, that’s not always the case.

Some employees want to learn to see the organisation succeed, and others just want to be experts in their professions. These engaged employees are more likely to continue with your company.

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A New Way of Thinking

It’s time to break free from old-school tactics. The future will require companies to train their employees. In addition, online professional development will be the catalyst.

Not long ago, online training was not appealing. Videos had poor sound quality, and the presenters discussed irrelevant topics.

Fast forwarding to the present, online courses are now multimedia productions. They contain dynamic camera angles, interactive quizzes, and global forums.

“Good employees (the ones who are dedicated to your company—the ones you really want to keep) want the opportunity to advance, not just maintain momentum,” says Chad Halvorson

CEO and Founder of When I Work.

So, offer rigorous online training to these specific workers.

How Your Business Benefits

Ongoing staff training is essential in helping your company be competitive. With quality professional development, your business can ensure smoother operations and employee retention.

An ILX Group study of 100 HR decision makers states that “51% reported improvements in employee morale as a key reason to conduct training.” These happy employees then stay on the job for longer periods of time.

Employee training leads to increased productivity. When people learn new skills, they are more willing to experiment with new projects. That confidence translates into employees working to achieve better results.

Furthermore, online courses offer great benefits to the employer. 

For example, it reduces absenteeism. With e-learning, there’s no way to miss a training session. Employees can review the on-demand material when they return to work.

Online learning also decreases training costs. Businesses don’t have to pay for printed materials. Instead, employees can take advantage of ebooks and PDFs.

Try E-Learning

Stunting an employee’s professional growth is not a long-term strategy for any company. Employees recognise inadequate training, leading them to quit their jobs.

Reduce your employee turnover by debunking common misconceptions and noticing the benefits of e-learning.

Move your company forward. LearnSignal can show you how.