Everything you need to know from the F5 to F9 September Examiner’s Reports - 940 x 627 - Blog

Everything You Need to Know from the F5 to F9 September Examiner’s Reports

  Few things are as valuable to ACCA students as examiners reports. Here we summarise the key learnings from ACCA F5 to ACCA F9 all in one place – so you’re armed with the knowledge you need to pass your next exams. We’ll briefly review the important general points that came up in each. Then […]

ACCA Qualified Jobs - Accounting Career Prospects

ACCA Qualified Jobs: Accounting Career Prospects

Inspiring ACCA career stories plus ACCA career advice to start and grow your career     Studying for the ACCA can feel like a long slog. Everyone has moments where you feel overwhelmed, stressed and wonder if you’ll ever qualify.   The best way to get back on track is to remind yourself why you’re […]

ACCA Qualification Salary

ACCA Qualifications Salary: What You Earn After Passing the ACCA

    Boost your earnings. Enhance your CV. Earn professional respect. Unlock career opportunity. There are many benefits to becoming a chartered accountant, but none so quantifiable as your increased ACCA salary potential.        How much can I earn as an ACCA member?      What is the average ACCA qualification salary?      How much is an ACCA […]

How difficult is the ACCA? An honest review

How difficult is the ACCA? An honest review

  If you’re considering accounting, you’ll have come across the ACCA, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. The ACCA is the world’s leading global body for professional accountants, with almost 190,000 members and 480,000 students across 178 countries. Several qualifications are available but the most popular is the ACCA qualification, which earns you Certified Chartered […]

ACCA exemptions: The upside and downside

ACCA Exemptions: The upside and downside  

  Depending on your qualifications, you might be eligible for ACCA exemptions on any or all of papers F1 to F9. If you choose to claim them, you pay a fee and are automatically awarded a pass for that exam.   Read more: ACCA Exam Fees 2017    Eligible qualifications include certain certificates and diplomas, […]

ACCA Exam Fees

ACCA Exam Fees 2017: Everything You Need to Know

  If you’re considering the ACCA, exam fees are an important factor. Can you afford it? How much does it really cost? How are the fees broken down? Here are all the ACCA exam fees from student registration to maintaining ACCA membership. We give prices in GBP, so for detailed information based on your own […]

June 2017 ACCA Pass Rates

June 2017 ACCA Pass Rates: Lessons Learned

It’s that time of year again, when ACCA pass rates are released. If you sat your ACCA exams in June 2017, you’ll already know how you did – but you might be interested to see how your results stack up to everyone else. Below we analyse the global ACCA pass rates for June 2017 – […]

Strategic Business Leader ACCA Exam

Prepare for the Strategic Business Leader Exam With These 3 Tips

This is part 3 of our three-part series covering the new Strategic Business Leader exam, live from September next year. Find part 1 here, and part 2 here.      The new Strategic Business Leader exam is very different from anything you’ve sat before, so your exam technique is vital. Master these areas, and you’re much […]

Strategic Business Leader ACCA Exam

The Strategic Business Leader Exam: What To Expect

This is part 2 of a three-part series. Read part 1 here. Part 3 to come….     We recently gave an overview of ACCA’s new Strategic Business Leader exam, which is being introduced in September 2018 instead of papers P1 and P3. The material will draw from the P1 and P3 syllabuses, but Strategic […]