Can E-Learning Really Improve Employee Retention?

According to a Harris Interactive poll, employees who believe they are receiving “poor” training opportunities are three times more likely to leave their jobs compared to companies with “excellent” training programs. Businesses are realising that their workers desire more than just higher salaries and extended vacations. Employees want to grow professionally by learning new skills. […]


Why Creating Good Will and Investing in Employees is Essential

  When you go to work in the morning, do you take a moment to engage your employees in conversation? Do you really know the people you’re working with? Do you care about their lives? Do you invest in them as people? Or, do you see them as cogs in the wheel, just another company […]

On-Demand Learning

How On-Demand Learning Affects Employee Retention

  According to eLearning Industry, more than 41.7% percent of global Fortune 500 companies use educational technology to teach their employees during specified learning times. On-demand training offers employees the flexibility to gain valuable skills, while reducing turnover costs for employers. Let’s explore why your company should invest in online learning.   Importance of Employee […]