Maximise Employee Memory Retention With On-Demand Training

The human brain is a complex machine that helps us produce great work. By simply improving our memory retention, we can accomplish more with less effort. Employee professional development is stuck in the past. Most trainings still happen within the classroom, which is not ideal for memory retention. Studies reveal that “e-learning courses which provide […]


Meeting Millennials’ Needs With On-Demand Learning

By 2020, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce. Unlike previous generations, millennials grew up with the Internet, social media, and a 24-hour news cycle. It’s no surprise that they desire a work environment equipped to handle their fast-paced lifestyles. To gain the best employees from this generation, your business will need to do […]


Can E-Learning Really Improve Employee Retention?

According to a Harris Interactive poll, employees who believe they are receiving “poor” training opportunities are three times more likely to leave their jobs compared to companies with “excellent” training programs. Businesses are realising that their workers desire more than just higher salaries and extended vacations. Employees want to grow professionally by learning new skills. […]

Online Courses

Let Online Courses Be Your Company’s Competitive Advantage

Research shows that 72% of companies utilising e-learning “believe their online training is providing them with the competitive edge that keeps them at the top of their industry.”   In order to beat competitors, businesses understand that a competent workforce is their best option. Knowledgeable employees discover new ideas, spot inefficiencies, and improve existing systems […]


The Benefits of Using an On-Demand Platform for IFRS Training

Understandable, comparable, reliable, relevant: as managers you already know the myriad benefits of maintaining your books following the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). But do you know how to incorporate this knowledge into your accountant training?   In the accounting profession, the IFRS create a need for effective training and education. Organisations in the European […]