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Joint 1st in Ireland, Joint 11th Worldwide: An ACCA Success Story [Interview]

  47%. 50%. 48%. Those are the pass rates for the last three sittings of ACCA F8, Audit and Assurance. More students fail than pass. But what about those few students that don’t just pass, but pass with flying colours? Like LearnSignal student Kelly Crawford, who sat F8 over the summer. Kelly came joint 1st […]

ACCA F7 Tutor Wojtek Lyjak LearnSignal

ACCA P4 Tutor Interview: How to Pass ACCA P4

You probably remember us talking to experienced financial trainer Wojtek Lyjak just before Christmas, about ACCA F7. That interview went down so well that we got him back to talk about P4 – advanced financial management. Wojtek has an exceptional track record of helping students pass ACCA P4, so he’s definitely worth your time and […]

How to pass ACCA F7

ACCA F7 Tutor Interview: How to Pass ACCA F7

Wojtek Lyjak has a decade of experience designing and delivering courses on financial reporting. He’s helped thousands of students pass ACCA F7, largely due to his passion, engaging teaching style and exceptional grasp of the subject matter.   This approach makes him a favourite amongst students, who find they’re better able to grasp challenging concepts […]

How to Pass ACCA F2

ACCA F2 Tutor Interview: How to Pass ACCA F2

Here’s what you need to know to pass ACCA F2…   Chartered Accountant Lynn Watkins has around 20 years’ experience helping students pass foundation level management accounting exams for ACCA, and several other professional accounting qualifications. We sat down with her and asked her what students need to do to pass ACCA F2 with flying […]

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Ask an ACCA Tutor: How to Pass ACCA F5

  ACCA F5 is a manageable paper, says our expert tutor Garret Mulvin, but every year students make mistakes that hold them back. Especially for students with exemptions for earlier papers, ACCA F5 can be a real wake-up call. We talk to Garret about the mistakes students make, and what you can do to ensure […]

Improve Your Productivity At Work

How to Improve Your Productivity At Work

  Knowing how to improve your productivity will have a huge impact on your career. It means you can achieve more in less time, which is good news for your work/life balance. It means you’ll more easily make your mark as a high-performer and more readily hit the promotion fast track. So how can you improve […]

Fear of Public Speaking

5 Strategies To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

Read on for 5 sure-fire strategies to help overcome your fear of public speaking.   We’ve written before about how to become a better negotiator, and how to master the art of persuasion, but knowing the right tactics is only half of the battle. All of those critical business skills have one thing in common: […]

Why CFA Ethics is Important

CFA Ethics: Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Success?

CFA Ethics is one of the most important aspects of the CFA exams, but it’s also one of the most overlooked. It might not be the most important in terms of weighting, but you’ll be making a big mistake if you ignore it. Read on to find out how CFA Ethics can be make or […]

How to Guess Multiple Choice Questions

How To Guess Multiple Choice Questions in CFA Level 1

It’s a last resort option but nonetheless… here are some strategies to help you guess multiple choice questions in CFA Level 1.   You know we’re big proponents of preparing as much as humanly possible for the CFA exams. It goes without saying really; what with being an online revision course provider, we’d hardly be […]


Why Online Training Beats Live Training Every Time

Nearly a decade ago, online training seemed like a foreign concept to many. Today, various industries are taking advantage of its benefits.   While in-class training has some perks, employees may find it easy to tune out a boring presentation delivered by a monotone instructor.   On the other hand, virtual learning “can help companies […]