Well, here we are: less than a week away from the March 2018 ACCA exams. So three things.

One, this will be our last blog for a few weeks.

You’d sometimes probably welcome the distraction, but we don’t want to become your excuse to procrastinate.

You can still check out any of our past posts (and we’ll share some of the most useful below, so you can bookmark them if you want) and we’ll send LearnSignal members the odd email study prompt too, but no new blog posts to distract you for a couple of weeks.

We’ll look forward to catching up with you once the exams are over – and hearing your hopefully positive stories from exam day.

Two, some final points on exam preparation to take you through this exam period.

Our Head of ACCA, Alan Lynch, recently did a webinar with the ACCA on exam preparation, so we thought we’d share his key points:

Plan your last few days. You should have a clear plan of attack from now until your exams, especially which topics you want to cover. Remember, concentrate on the topics that you struggle with. Your favourites will look after themselves at this stage.

Focus on questions. With a week to go, you’re probably a bit late to do any in-depth revision of notes, so concentrate on doing questions. Saying that, if there are areas you need to brush up, our short videos are perfect for a pre-exam reminder.

Prepare for exam day. Exam docket, ID and stationery! Make sure you arrive in plenty of time for your exam, so you don’t unnecessarily add to your stress. It’s often the small things that can make a big difference to your performance on the day.

Read the last examiners report. With one week to go, this is a really fantastic way to spend your final time because you’ll have insight from the examiners fresh in your mind when you sit the exam. The few marks you can pick up here could make the difference between a pass and a fail.

Plan your exam timings. Build a plan now on how much reading time you want and how many minutes per question, so you don’t go wrong on the day. You should give a typical 20 mark question about 36 minutes. Don’t go over your time as you will only lose marks in the long run.

Answer ALL questions. This should be obvious but a lot of students feel a strong answer on four out of five questions is better than a lesser attempt at all five. This is not the case, so please don’t fall into this trap!

Answer the question you’re asked. Not reading the question properly is one of the biggest ways students let themselves down. Make sure you know what you are being asked and answer the requirement. Don’t include everything you know about a subject as you will not get the marks for that. In the professional papers you’ll also lose out on professional marks if you do this.

And finally, three, here are our most useful blog posts for this last week of exam preparation.

In summary…..

You’re bound to be nervous, and that’s OK. In fact, those sweaty palms and jangling nerves are a good thing, because they give you the motivation to do your best in these last few days.

Remember, it’s never too late to study and earn a couple more marks. And a couple more marks might be all it takes to pass. Stick to the points above, organise your time well, and stick with it – the end is in sight.

Very, very best of luck with your exams from all of the LearnSignal team, and fingers crossed for those PASS results in April. Over and out!