After the high stakes pressure of Results Day, we decided to help ACCA students by hosting a free ACCA student Q&A webinar this week.

LearnSignal’s Head of ACCA Education, Alan Lynch, hosted the event which received well over 500 registrations from students around the world.

The most popular questions and concerns included:

  • How to prepare to pass?
  • Why do I keep failing?
  • Fear of taking exams
  • What order to do my exams?
  • Should I do more than one paper per sitting?
  • Should I do F & P papers at the same time?
  • How to create a study plan?
  • What does SBL and SBR mean for me?
  • Revision and taking notes
  • Best exam technique
  • Answering theory versus calculation questions
  • OT and OT case questions?
  • Improve writing ability
  • Benefit of examiner reports
  • Work life balance
  • Self-studying
  • ACCA – How they mark exams

Listen To The Recording

Couldn’t make it to the live webinar?

Here’s a link to the recording of the webinar.

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The Competition Mentioned On The Webinar

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The Fine Print

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Good Luck!

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Best of luck to all our wonderful students!

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