Research shows that 72% of companies utilising e-learning “believe their online training is providing them with the competitive edge that keeps them at the top of their industry.”

In order to beat competitors, businesses understand that a competent workforce is their best option. Knowledgeable employees discover new ideas, spot inefficiencies, and improve existing systems for their employers.

With e-learning, companies can invest in their workers, while enhancing their brands and reducing costs. Learn how online courses can impact your overall business strategy.

The Employee Benefit

Whether your employees are brand new or possess 10+ years of experience, enrolling them into an online course can help improve their knowledge base.

“Smart organizations—those that continuously challenge and train their staff—have employees who feel a sense of accomplishment and feel empowered to explore new professional frontiers,” writes Jason Alexander, Managing Partner of BANK W Holdings, LLC.

Online training provides flexibility in today’s fast-paced workforce.

Employees don’t have to sit in long, boring evening sessions anymore. Now, they can take excellent online courses in the comfort of their own office space.

Moreover, workers can focus on their responsibilities, while still participating in remarkable professional development. In return, organizations can maintain their level of productivity.

Online Courses

Brand Awareness

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “84 percent of B2B marketers said brand awareness was a top goal.”

Building awareness about your brand is key to engaging customers and recruiting new employees. After all, no one will buy your product or decide to work for your company if they have no clue that you exist.

Position online skill development as a way to bring exposure to your business.

For example, Starbucks provides free tuition for an online bachelor’s degree to any part- time or full-time veteran-employees, their spouses, and children.

When companies make bold moves like this, they not only satisfy their employees, but also bring media attention to their efforts.

Take advantage of your online course offerings by distributing the announcement via social media and press releases.

The Bottom Line

Corporate training can be a burden for a company’s finances. It costs money to educate your employees. Online learning can reduce those administrative costs.

With online courses, your company doesn’t have to plan large training conferences. This means a huge reduction in rental space costs and travel expenses for employees.

E-learning offers the opportunity to cater to specific skill sets on-demand.

Businesses no longer have to hire a specialised trainer multiple times per year. Instead, employees can access specific online training modules when they are ready to learn new skills.

Online staff training reduces employee turnover. Therefore, a skilled workforce will stay on the job longer and decreases your organization’s need to budget for new hires.

When planning your next training program, consider online courses as a way to save money.

Be Competitive

Advances in technology will continue to make the marketplace competitive. To stay ahead of the game, teach your employees new skills through online courses.