The human brain is a complex machine that helps us produce great work. By simply improving our memory retention, we can accomplish more with less effort.

Employee professional development is stuck in the past. Most trainings still happen within the classroom, which is not ideal for memory retention.

Studies reveal that “e-learning courses which provide interactivity can boost the overall knowledge retention rate to anywhere from 50% to 90%.”

Let’s explore how on-demand training can help your workforce retain more.

Why Memory Retention Matters

Memory retention is more than just recalling irrelevant tidbits.

In the workplace, it helps us remember key statistics for presentations, cite examples during negotiations, and recount employee disputes.

But why is your memory so important?

According to the Science Museum, “Your memory is your brain’s filing system. It contains everything you have learnt.” So, once your employees learn one business tool that information is stored for later use.

There are ways to maintain a healthy memory. Here are some strategies that were published in the Monitor on Psychology:

  • Track information with technology.
  • Take mental note of things you normally forget.
  • Use knowledge retention techniques, like rehearsing information.

And there’s great news. On-demand training makes it possible for your employees to boost their memory retention.  Therefore, they can retain more information to excel on the job.

On-Demand Training As The Solution

German experimental psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus coined the idea of the “forgetting curve.” It’s the theory “that the human brain will forget information it has learned if that information is not put into practice.”

For example, if an employee is taught how to work with charts in Excel, but isn’t required to actually practice the skills, he or she will forget this knowledge gradually.

On-demand training shortens the learning process. Employees have the ability to watch a lesson on their own time, and then, quickly apply that newfound information to a work project.

Moreover, a report found that assessing one’s own knowledge, through self quizzes and summaries of the core content, can improve overall performance.

Online courses offer quizzes to ensure that employees have mastered the content.

How Your Business Wins

In business, time and money are valuable assets. That’s why companies are always seeking innovative ways to balance the budget.

A 2014 survey by Training magazine found that the average company spends about 960 euros annually to train one employee.

On-demand training helps cut costs by eliminating in-person trainer fees and ending travel expenses.

Moreover, on-demand training simplifies difficult business concepts into manageable lessons. Employees retain more by engaging with video at their own pace.

As a result, your workers focus on finishing job-related tasks and don’t waste time in day-long sessions.

With on-demand training, your business comes out on top. It’s an investment in productivity.

Maximise Retention

Memory retention is an important part of our everyday lives. Especially at work, we want people to perform at their highest potential.

On-demand training lets employees retain more information. Plus, your business saves money and time.

To maximise your employee’s memory retention, realign professional development with on-demand training.