The ACCA is a global qualification that has been delivered by local providers, making it accessible to students all over the world. Some of these local educators provide a excellent service and some provide an okay service, but some really aren’t worth mentioning. Instead, online courses are beginning to appear. They are an effective and great value way for students to prepare for their ACCA exams. The online learning sector still has its shortfalls, though.  

We founded LearnSignal because we wanted to do online education differently.

There are endless online learning courses out there, but few of them rival the quality of education you’d associate with traditional learning. While many online courses are quick, convenient and cheap, comparatively few of them are genuinely valuable.


While many online courses are quick, convenient and cheap, comparatively few of them are genuinely valuable.


We don’t think you should have to compromise. Particularly if you’re studying for the ACCA or another professional qualification, you need an online learning course you can rely on to help you pass.

We wanted to build an online training library that was convenient, accessible, affordable and, crucially, delivered absolutely top-tier education. We didn’t see anyone doing that, so here we are.

Students from 83 countries trust our online revision courses to help them pass their professional exams – here’s why you should join them.


Why LearnSignal Do Online Learning Best…


Online Learning Cycle


Professionally Qualified Tutors


Each of our online learning courses is designed, written and delivered by experts in that field. For the ACCA, that means ACCA professionals. For the CFA, it means CFA professionals.

We interview all of our tutors before working with them, and if we’re impressed we invite them to submit an audition script to ensure they really know their stuff. We only work with the tutors who are on top of their game – so you can have confidence that you’re learning exactly what you need to if you want to pass your exams.


Bite-Size Learning (Not Information Overload)


We don’t just source our tutors and then let them loose on designing a course. We work alongside them to define exactly what you’re going to need to know for that exam paper, so we can distil that knowledge in the shortest and most powerful way.

A huge amount of planning goes into creating our courses, before the writing even begins. Where many online courses fall down is in suffocating you with information; we don’t do that. We’ve worked hard to condense the course syllabus into the core information you need to know to pass your exams – because efficient learning is effective learning.  


Efficient learning is effective learning.


We’ve designed our online courses to be completely different from a traditional lecture – our tutors aren’t just going to talk at you and hope you learn something.

Instead, our tutors are asked to write a full script for the course and plan the course overview and objectives in-depth. For you, this means the final video you see is very calculated and exact – every word has value in helping you achieve a pass.


Expertly Crafted At Every Stage


Our course creation process is very high-touch. We introduce as many different feedback touchpoints as possible, so we have complete oversight at each stage of the online learning creation process. We review the material we have at every stage and filter the course through the entire creation team to ensure your course is as effective as it could possibly be.

Multiple teams of people are involved in creating a single revision course, including the tutor network, a team of designers and our own in-house online learning experts.


Effective For All Learning Types

Many courses cater to one type of learner over another, but we felt strongly that our online learning library should be effective for everyone. Accordingly, we invest not only in the written content but the visual content too. Another subject matter expert from our expert tutor team will create slides to compliment and reinforce the voiceover content, to ensure visual learners and auditory learners are both catered to.

The quizzes we include with each video are particularly beneficial because they encourage an interactive style of learning that’s been proven to be highly effective.

Ultimately, you’re more likely to absorb and retain what you’re learning with a LearnSignal course because they’re effective for all types of learner.


Best Practice Educational Design


We’ve got one of the most renowned instructional designers in the world working for us in-house. She works closely with our tutors and designers throughout the process to ensure our courses are designed with best learning practices in mind at every stage.

Visually, it might seem subtle but little things like which fonts you use or background colour all have an impact on how we absorb information: our instructional designer is responsible for overseeing nuances like this.

Sound quality is a really important part of online course delivery. There’s nothing worse than poor audio when you’re studying online, so we use top production equipment to ensure the voiceover is crystal clear. Specialists work with our tutors to teach them more effective speech patterns and delivery techniques too, so our courses are as engaging as they can be.


Choose an online learning solution that leverages learning best practices.


Our online courses are handcrafted to be maximally effective learning tools. Our videos are short, because research has repeatedly shown the value of learning in ‘bite-size’ chunks. We include quizzes with each video, because testing has repeatedly been shown to embed and reinforce information more effectively than other learning strategies.

It’s our instructional designer’s job to ensure our online courses are as valuable as they can possibly be before we release them.


In all, LearnSignal courses are designed to help you learn better. We don’t just deliver the content you need to know; we deliver that content in a way that’s been proven to be more effective. From our expert tutor team to our team of best-practice educational designers, we’ve invested in making sure every single stage of our online courses are as effective as possible. That’s why you’re more likely to pass the ACCA with LearnSignal.


We’re doing online learning differently. Want to join us? Sign up for our 7-day free trial here now.