Presumably you’re here because you’ve decided to sit the December CFA Level 1. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and just a little bit panicked, don’t worry! That’s normal; pretty much every CFA Level 1 student feels that way.

The CFA website can be somewhat difficult to navigate, so we’ve put together this guide to tell you everything you need to know to prepare. Sometimes, all you want is a little simplicity….

Here’s everything you want to know about December CFA Level 1

December CFA Level 1

December CFA Level 1 – Registration Dates

There are three deadlines for December CFA Level 1 registration, and the cost of registering increases with each.

The first registration deadline was on the 16th of March. If you registered – congratulations! By giving yourself plenty of time, you’re maximising your chances of success on the day.

If you didn’t quite make that deadline, the 2nd registration deadline is on the 17th of August – you should aim to register here if you want to leave yourself enough time to study effectively.

Although the final deadline isn’t until the 14th September, you’re really cutting it tight on timing by then – why would you put yourself under that sort of pressure?

December CFA Level 1 – Registration Fees

Registration fees increase with each deadline, and the final price you pay is made up of two fees: your enrolment fee, and the exam fee. The enrolment fee is a one-time payment of USD450 required the first time you register for CFA Level 1. In other words, if you’re retaking the exam you needn’t pay this again.

The exam fees are as follows, depending on when you register:

  • 16th March – USD650
  • 17th August – USD860
  • 14th September – USD1280

As you can see, there’s a sharp price increase in the September sitting, presumably to discourage students from registering so late in the day. It is doable (Read our guide on preparing for CFA Level 1 if you’ve left it late) but it’s not ideal.

December CFA Level 1 – Other Dates You Need

We’ve mentioned the registration deadlines above, but here are some other dates you need to know.

December CFA Level 1 Dates

You can also keep an eye on the official CFA Institute Exam Calendar here, in case of any changes.

December CFA Level 1 – I’ve Registered; What Now?

As soon as you register, you’ll be given an e-book containing the complete CFA Level 1 curriculum, a study planner, topic-led practice tests, some mock exams and a mobile study app. You can also buy a print version of the curriculum for USD150 + shipping costs if you’re that way inclined.

December CFA Level 1 Print

The majority of CFA students also choose to buy additional study materials as the CFA curriculum is notoriously dense. We’re proud to say that we’re one of the most popular online CFA course providers, offering tailored revision courses designed to help distil and reinforce your knowledge.

We believe in making education accessible to as many people as possible – which is why we’re also hundreds of pounds more affordable than our competitors. Try a 7-day free trial now to see how we can help you.

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Once you’ve registered and chosen your study materials, the first thing you should do is create a study plan. If you’ve been following our blog you’ll probably be sick of reading this – but there really is no better way to increase your chances of success.

Do be realistic though – it’s easy to promise yourself now that you’re going to do nothing but study for the next however-many months but that’s unlikely to be the case. You’re going to have tough times; things are going to come up – so build in time for yourself. Then it’s as simple as sticking to your plan as much as possible…

December CFA Level 1 – What If I Change My Mind?

Once you’ve registered for December CFA Level 1, the rules are pretty unforgiving. You have two business days to ask for a refund after you’ve registered, but after that neither your enrolment nor registration fees will be refunded.

Deferrals are not available except in exceptional circumstances, decided on a case-by-case basis at the CFA’s discretion. The circumstances in which the CFA might consider you for a deferral include life-threatening illness, natural disasters and mandatory military service.

For Level 1 candidates only, the CFA do offer a withdrawal option. This means you can re-register for the next CFA Level 1 exam sitting without paying an additional program enrolment fee. You will not be refunded your initial fees and you will need to pay an additional exam fee though.

Also, although the curriculum will not change from June to December, it can change year-on-year, so if you’re withdrawing from December CFA Level 1 exams bear in mind that what you need to study might change for the next sitting.

Generally you’re better off sitting the December CFA Level 1 if you’ve registered, even if you feel sure you’re going to fail. The lack of refund means it’s not worth your while to withdraw, and at the least you’ll be gaining invaluable exam experience.

If you do wish to withdraw, you should use the December CFA Level 1 withdrawal form, which needs to be received by the CFA by 7th November. Allow 7 to 14 days for processing, after which you’re free to enrol for another exam sitting.

The CFA is a big undertaking and you’re bound to be feeling a little daunted, but it’s not as overwhelming as you think. If you break the process down, it really is as simple as 1, 2, 3: Register, Study, Sit exam. The single best thing you can do to give yourself the best chances of a December CFA Level 1 pass (and save yourself money to boot) is to leave enough time to study.

And hey, the second best thing you can do is to invest in LearnSignal revision courses. Time spent studying is only worthwhile if you’re studying effectively and that’s where our courses come in. They’re only $39.99/month – and there’s a reason students from 83 countries trust us to help them pass their exams.

Questions about December CFA Level 1 that aren’t answered here? Get in touch and one of our expert CFA team will be happy to help.

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