8 reasons you’re more likely to pass the ACCA exams with an ACCA online revision course on your side. Learnsignal do ACCA online revision best…

Forgive us for being self-important for a moment, but we really, truly believe in what we’re doing with learnsignal. The traditional model of learning is broken, and we’re doing our damnedest to change it – and seeing some fantastic results.

At last count, we were helping students and young professionals from 83 countries in their quest to develop, hone their skills and grow their careers. Our ACCA online revision courses are some of our most popular.
So we wanted to take a moment to tell you why you should join our huge community of learners.

8 Reasons learnsignal do ACCA Revision Best

#1 – Access from any device

We’ve designed our ACCA online revision courses to be device agnostic. All you need is your phone/laptop/tablet/desktop and an Internet connection… and a willingness to learn.

By making our online courses super accessible, we’re allowing you to revise when and where it suits you – because revision works best when it fits in with your life.
We know how important it is to create a revision environment that best suits you – and this can be wildly different from person to person. Our ACCA online revision courses cater to that individuality, allowing you to work wherever you want to. The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll concentrate and learn.

Don’t make revision any harder than it needs to be – revision should work around you, not the other way around.

#2 – Leverage science to learn better

Before we launched our ACCA online revision platform, we conducted extensive research into the way people learn. We didn’t just want to build any old ACCA online revision service. We wanted it to be incredibly effective, to partner with you on your ACCA journey and help support you in achieving your goals.

Our online courses are specifically designed with the science of learning in mind. We’ve broken each course into a series of bite-size videos because studies have shown that we work best in ‘chunks’. Working in this way aids your memory retention, allowing you to better absorb the information you’re learning.

Of course, the knock-on effect of this is that your revision is more efficient – so you can learn more in less time. Traditional methods of learning have been repeatedly shown to be ineffective and impractical – our ACCA online revision library offers a solution.

#3 – Reinforce your knowledge with quizzes

Our ACCA online revision materials include quizzes as well as videos so we can both teach and test you. Self-testing is one of the most effective study techniques, but it’s also something most students fall down on. It’s little surprise – few of us can find time to do a 3-hour practice paper from end-to-end, let alone several so you cover the entire syllabus.

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That’s where our quizzes come in. At the end of each video, you’ll take a short quiz, testing you on the material you’ve just learnt. This serves to reinforce your knowledge and ensures you’re actively learning rather than passively watching.

#4 – Course content developed by ACCA experts

As it’s unregulated, the Internet can be a little akin to the Wild West. Many online resources aren’t backed up by expert knowledge and therefore aren’t particularly useful in aiding your revision. Not ours.

We’ve commissioned an expert team of ACCA professionals and qualified accountants to develop our courses, so the content is top-tier. We know that you need ACCA online revision materials you can trust, and that means getting the right people to teach you.

#5 – Course content that engages you

Traditional lecturers often range from a little dry to flat-out dull. How can you be expected to learn optimally if the course is completely uninspiring? There are bound to be some areas of the ACCA that are drier than others – but that doesn’t mean the revision course you take should be.

We’ve got an expert in-house team of instructional designers and educational technologists to design our courses so we can deliver our content in the most engaging way. The more engaged you are, the more information you’ll absorb – so it’s little wonder that traditional learning is on the way out.

#6 – Save money

A learnsignal monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription plan gives you access to all ACCA courses all for a low-cost membership which you can cancel anytime. Online revision courses are significantly cheaper than traditional learning. You get all the benefits of a traditional course and none of the disadvantages, all for a significantly lower price. What’s not to love?

#7 – Robust support network

Our customer service team are on-hand at almost all hours, to provide you with 24/7 expert support and feedback. The ACCA exams are likely the most important exams in your life – we give you a support network to help you complete them. Why face challenges alone if you don’t have to? We’ve got your back.

#8 – Grow your holistic career skills too

At learnsignal we don’t just want to help you earn your ACCA qualification. We want to partner with you throughout your career, giving you the skills you need to grow.

Check out our CPD course library now.

Our global network of experts are creating courses on topics designed to help you expand your skills, whatever you need help with. We’re adding new courses constantly and our network of professionals is growing every day.

Learn more, more quickly with learnsignal and give yourself the best chance to succeed with an unlimited ACCA Subscription Plan from learnsignal.

Not ready to commit? No problem, you can check out our platform and access a limited selection of course materials with a free Basic Plan – no credit card required.

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