There you are. Your company has decided to bring on a new batch of employees, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that the new employees come in with the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective and productive members of your organization.

But, how do you do that when your time is limited?

You see, according to an article in Forbes magazine you only have 90 days to make certain new hires are going to last for the long-term,  “The first 90 days of employment (often called the probationary period) is pivotal to building rapport with the company, management and coworkers. When support levels were high from the team and leaders, new hires often had more positive attitudes about their job and worked harder.”  

One of the most effective ways a manager can make sure their new employees have the tools they need for success,  is to facilitate learning at the very beginning of the process. In fact, a white paper from iCIMS, Inc. a head hunting, “talent acquisition firm,” notes that “successful onboarding programs: Provide ongoing, clear, concise and consistent channels of communication (and) facilitate learning at every organizational level.”

The bottom line is that you’ve got just 90 days to equip new hires with the necessary tools to succeed in their new position. That’s not a lot of time. You therefore have to utilyze the most effective, time saving methods at your disposal.

The answer to providing new hires with fast means of coming up to speed with the skills your organization needs NOW … and providing your organization with the best onboarding ROI possible is:

Online E-learning Solutions.


Before we jump into the details, just think about the following: More and more employers value employees that enhance the company’s overall bottom line through the skills they bring to the table. Yet, as stated by, “25% of companies said their onboarding program did not include any kind of training.” Your firm can make sure that its in good company by incorporating online learning programmes into its onboarding process.

Now, jumping into the details, allow us to explain point by point.

Online Learning Programmes Save Time

As SpongeUK says on its website, training through E-learning “is ready from the moment a new employee walks through the door – no need to wait for space in someone else’s diary or a place on a training course. Good elearning is also designed to be engaging and absorbing without being too long and cumbersome for the user.” In other words, through online e-learning solutions, employees can move into their new positions much faster than through traditional “class-room” training sessions.

Online E-Learning Solutions Limit Your Risk

All new employees take the same online courses. They therefore all hear the same message, and “once an elearning induction course has been created, there’s no limit to how many staff can do the module, so it is cost-effective for temporary employees to do the training as well as permanent staff.”

You Choose What Courses Your New Hires Take

There are companies that offer great, professional online qualifications and training courses, such as advanced courses in Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint (which are perfect for new hires in your firm’s financial department among others).

The bottom line for you is that it costs a lot to manually onboard employees. As the white paper from iCIMS we mentioned above states, “One can look at the possible returns for a hypothetical company with 200 employees.Assuming average turnover and growth, the cost of onboarding new employees manually is approximately $102,000 per year. By automating the onboarding process (and utilyzing effective, time saving e-learning solutions) this sample company realized a return on investment of more than $79,000 per year!”

Now go save time and money by making online learning programmes an integral part of your onboarding process.