5 Great Reasons to Choose a Career in Accounting

5 Reasons to Choose a Career in Accounting

Accountants make up the backbone of every business and makes a great career choice in terms of security and pay. From making sure the money is coming in to keeping the doors open and lights on, accountants are a key piece of any organisation.

But with the advancements in technology, has that changed? What can you hope for from accounting jobs in the future?

If you’re looking for steady employment with great opportunities, look no further than accounting. 

Read on as we show you 5 reasons why a career in accounting is one of your best options today. 

1. Number of Job Opportunities

Some people worry that accounting is becoming obsolete with all of the technological advancements. That’s just not true! 

While the roles are shifting and becoming more analytical rather than data-centric, technology is actually creating a greater variety of exciting jobs in the accounting industry.

Accounting isn’t going anywhere. Even with advancements in artificial intelligence and automation, businesses need accountants to interpret complex tax laws and ever-changing regulations. 

Plus, accountants help manage and decode financial information to help organisations make informed business decisions.

2. Rewarding and Exciting Work

Rewarding and Exciting Work

There’s a common misconception that accounting is just entering numbers into a spreadsheet and hovering over calculator tape day after day

Truthfully, accountants are helping their organisations in very exciting ways. Using financial data, you’ll interpret the numbers and help the business:

  • Move into new markets 
  • Start or end business ventures
  • Launch new products
  • Avoid unprofitable business moves
  • Find creative ways to reduce waste and unnecessary spending

The work you do as an accountant helps shape and grow the business for the future. Your organisation will rely on your expertise in order to make tough decisions on how to build the business and support future growth.

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3. Variety of Roles and Industries

Accounting is a flexible career choice. Every organisation needs accounting. Some businesses are large enough to have in-house accounting teams. Others rely on accounting firms to handle their finances.

You’ll have the opportunity to work directly for companies that you’re passionate about. Perhaps you’ll work as an accountant for a brand that you love. Or, maybe you have an interest in sports and choose to work behind the scenes to keep a sports team’s finances in order. 

If you work for an accounting firm, you can choose to have a variety of clients, or you can focus on a particular sector. Accounting firms can choose specialties and focus on certain types of clients, like local schools or government agencies. 

Plus, you’ll have a variety of roles to choose from in accounting. Lateral career moves are becoming more popular and it’s important to gain a variety of skills while working towards your dream job. You can experience a lot of different types of roles in accounting, such as:

  • Cost accounting
  • Internal auditing
  • Forensic accounting
  • Financial reporting 
  • Tax accounting

4. Great Salary for Accountants

Great Salary for Accountants

The average annual salary for an accountant in the UK was £62,042 in 2018. Accounting jobs have always been synonymous with great pay. 

Most roles require advanced degrees and certifications. Companies understand that those qualifications demand higher salaries - and they’re willing to deliver them.

If you want to increase your pay, getting additional training and certification is a great place to start. You’ll enhance your skills to become better at your current role, plus you’ll qualify for advanced roles and stand out among other candidates. 

5. Growth Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to advance within the accounting industry. Lateral moves are becoming more popular, but an accounting career can prepare you for a role as an executive, too. 

After you’ve gained a few years of experience in a variety of roles, you can look to management opportunities. CEO and CFO roles, along with other corporate executives, can benefit from a background of accounting knowledge.

Plus, you’ll be working closely with people at other businesses in your role as an accountant. Having a diverse network can help as you navigate towards your dream job. Even if you decide to switch career paths after several years, accounting skills are great to have in many other roles in business.

What’s the Next Step?

With plenty of reasons to become an accountant, you’re ready to get started on your career path! The first step is to complete your accounting degree. It’s true that some accounting jobs don’t need a degree, but having a degree will open up many more opportunities for you.

Once you’ve completed your degree, you can open up even more doors by earning additional certifications. 

Earning your ACCA or CIMA shows your commitment to the accounting industry and sets you apart from other candidates. Some of the more advanced accounting jobs prefer or require additional certification. Getting the certificate before it’s needed saves you the time later.

Plus, having a certificate will improve the skills you use in your daily role and can earn you a higher salary.

Final Thoughts

The accounting field has plenty of great opportunities waiting for you. You can work in a variety of industries and roles to fill your career with purpose.

With great pay, opportunities for growth, and the chance to help businesses grow into the next decade and beyond, accounting is a great career path to pursue.

You can get started by getting your degree. Then, start earning additional certification, like ACCA and CIMA, to really stand out among your peers. 

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