ACCA Exam Fees 2021: Everything You Need to Know

ACCA Exam Fees 2019: Everything You Need to Know

Your complete guide to everything you need to know about the ACCA exam fees, including registration and subscription fees, individual exam fees and exemptions.

If you’re considering the ACCA, exam fees are an important factor. Can you afford it? How much does it really cost? How are the fees broken down?

In this article we list all the ACCA exam fees from student registration to maintaining ACCA membership (using GBP as the currency). For detailed information based on your own country of residence, use the  ACCA exam fee checker.

ACCA Registration and Subscription Fees

To enrol for ACCA exams you must be registered as an active ACCA student. That means you must pay a one-time registration fee of £89 and an annual subscription fee of £112.

In your first year, you pay both the £89 and £112 fees. Every year afterwards you need only pay the £112 annual subscription fee – due before 1st January.

You must pay this fee even if you aren’t sitting any exams that year. If you don’t you could be taken off the student register and have to re-register as a student to continue your studies, for £89.

ACCA Exemption Fees

You must pay separate ACCA exam fees for any exemptions.

The fees depend on the exam level. These fees are £98 for the Applied Knowledge exams and £123 for the Applied Skills exams.

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ACCA Exam Fees

An exam entry fee must be paid for each exam you enter. The exam fee amount depends on the exam level, sitting, and when you enter.

ACCA Applied Knowledge Fees

Applied Knowledge exams are available on-demand and you should contact your local CBE Centre to book. The fees for Applied Skills are as follows:

Applied Skills ACCA exam fees 2021


ACCA Strategic Professional Fees

We recommend that before you move to Strategic Professional you should take your Ethics and Professional Skills module. This will cost £82.

Your Strategic Professional exams are broken down by Essentials and Options.

Strategic Professional Essentials ACCA exam fees 2021-2

SBR ACCA exam fees 2021

Strategic Professional Options ACCA exam fees 2021

The biggest factor that impacts price is when you apply. The difference between early and late entry can be huge. For full details, see the ACCA Exam Fees price list.

ACCA Exam Fees: Affiliates

ACCA Affiliates are students who’ve passed their ACCA exams and ethics module, but haven’t completed the professional experience requirement. Once you gain affiliate status, you must pay an annual subscription fee of £129.

You may hold this status for three years. If you want to extend your ACCA affiliate status after three years, the annual subscription fee increases to £258.

ACCA Exam Fees: Membership

Once you complete your ACCA exams, ethics module and professional experience requirement, you can apply for full ACCA membership.

This means you must pay a one-off admission to membership fee of £258. Then you pay an annual subscription fee of £258.

There is also a Lifetime membership commutation fee of £258. 

Special Discounts

ACCA exam fees are priced to be affordable to students globally, but some students might need further reductions.

You could be eligible for a reduced ACCA membership subscription fee of £58 if you meet requirements like long-time unemployment, caring for a family full-time or studying full-time.

For full details, read the  ACCA exam fees reductions guide.

How To Pay ACCA Exam Fees

The easiest way to pay is online, via MyACCA using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, Alipay or pre-paid debit card which is available for online payments only. \

Find out more about paying your ACCA exam fees here.

ACCA exam fees are much more affordable than you’d think. The exams represent an upfront cost but the huge benefits of ACCA membership once you qualify ensure your investment is very well spent.

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