ACCA Exams: New Resources to Help You Pass in September

ACCA Exams: New Resources to Help You Pass in September

Over the last few weeks, you'll have received emails from ACCA about the changes to your upcoming exam sittings and the cancellation of the June exams. What does this mean for you and how can we help?

With September now in your sights for your next exam, we’re here to help you focus and use this time as an opportunity to apply yourself to succeed.

To do that we’re creating new resources and changing a few things on the online platform which include:

  • New study timetables that will allow you to choose up to 2 exams and create a personalised timetable for your September sitting. 
  • We recently updated the layout of our Applied Skills subjects following recent research with students. We'll be applying this new structure to Strategic Professional Exams for September which will help streamline your study experience.
  • We're introducing a new study kickstart programme from April 20th to get you started on your September journey including exclusive member webinars on a subject-by-subject basis.
  • Our free Q&A results webinar is on April 15th and our tutors will be on hand to answer any questions about what to do next or how to get you motivated for the September sitting. 

In addition, to keep you on track, we recommend using these study resources over the coming weeks and months:

ACCA Weekly Study Webinars

Taking place every Friday at 12.30pm (with the recording available afterward on your course page) this live webinar gives you an opportunity to discuss your study schedule, learn about new resources and get answers to any questions. 

Last week we discussed how to manage your study schedule and focus on September.

24/7 Tutor Support

Members can access our chat support with tutors 24/7 to get instant responses to questions you are stuck on or difficult topics to help you progress with your study.

Weekly Support Podcasts 

Join 1,000 students who tune in to our Q&A support podcasts every Saturday morning! Last weekend we talked about the new things we're developing to help you focus your study to be successful in September. 


Join over 25,000 students who view our latest blogs on a variety of subjects of interest to financial and accounting professionals such as ‘4 of the Biggest Financial Scandals and What We Can Learn From Them’ and tips and advice for your ACCA exams. 

Give yourself the best chance to succeed in September with a flexible learnsignal subscription plan to get access to the ACCA syllabus, exam prep materials and 24/7 tutor support for all courses.

Not ready to commit? No problem, just register for free today to explore the platform.

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