Booking Your ACCA Exam: What Should You Know?

Booking Your ACCA Exam: What Should You Know?

The best way to avoid last-minute stress and extra charges is to book your ACCA well in advance. Let's look at everything you need to know when booking an ACCA exam, 

If you’re at the stage of taking an ACCA exam the next step is usually two-fold. 
  1. Find an approved learning provider
  2. Book your next exam(s)

Currently, ACCA offers session-based exams in March, June, September, and December for both Computer-Based Exams (CBE’s) and paper-based exams.

How to apply for your ACCA exam

You can apply for an exam using their online booking system on a desktop, mobile or tablet. Please be aware that if you have any outstanding fees you will not be able to enter an exam.

The online booking system can be accessed after logging into your MyACCA section of the ACCA website and following the simple registration instructions. 

If you’re looking to book an on-demand CBE with ACCA (AB, FA, MA and LW) you need to go directly to the CBE centre. Details of these centres can be found here

For session CBE’s you are required to use the online booking system. Places can be limited so you should book as soon as your decision has been made. These exams can test skills such as word processing, spreadsheet and slide presentation skills depending on the exam you are taking. 

The reason behind CBE’s are to enhance your future employability capabilities. Until such a time that all exams at every level are moved to CBE’s, there may still exist the option to take a paper-based exam in your location. Similarly, these exams are also booked through the online booking system. 

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Entry deadlines 

You need to also be aware of exam entry deadlines that exist. Usually, the standard deadline is about 5 weeks prior to the first exam taken in the following session. 

If you wish to enroll after this date but before the late entry deadline closes about 4 weeks prior to your exam this could cost you in excess of 150% of the standard fee, depending on the exam you are taking.

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Changes or cancellations

Changes or cancellations

Once you have booked an exam, you can make changes to or cancel your booking before the standard exam entry deadline.

However, changes after this date will not be permitted. 

Rules you should know

On the basis that you are planning to book an exam you should be aware of certain regulations:

  • All deadlines are midnight UK time
  • An exam entry submitted after the standard date cannot be amended
  • Make yourself familiar with the exam regression rules from ACCA

Don’t delay, book your exam entry now and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

The earlier you book your exam the more committed you’ll feel providing key motivation to study and pass your exam.

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