How to Book a CIMA Exam

How to Book a CIMA Exam

The way you book an exam can differ by the certification body. Here's a simple guide on how to book all your upcoming CIMA exams. 

If you're at the stage of taking a CIMA exam the next step is usually two-fold. 
  1. Find an approved learning provider
  2. Book your next exam(s).

CIMA has created a very simple checklist to follow in order to book your next exam. All of your exams have the option of being booked online or over the phone.

When booking your exam online the following steps should be followed:

  1. Make sure your account is properly set up in CIMA. When you register with CIMA you will receive a contact ID and password. If your account is not working, then there are contact details on their website for you to use to get this fixed.
  2. You must ensure that the details of your account are up to date. Any outstanding fees on your account must be settled before you will be permitted to book an exam.
  3. You are booking your CIMA exams directly with Pearson VUE so don’t be alarmed when selecting your exam that you are being transferred to another website, it is still on your CIMA account. Here you can select your location, date and time of the exam you are looking to sign up for.
  4. Once you have chosen your exam, confirmed the booking and made the relevant payments you will be brought back to your MyCIMA account

Once you have booked an exam you will then be emailed by Pearson VUE confirming the centre, date and time of your exam. 

Rescheduling an exam

If the need arises to reschedule your exam these are your options:

  • Up to 48 hours before taking a Certificate in Business Accounting exam
  • Up to 48 hours before an objective test exam while the exam registration window for the case study exams is open.

You will not be permitted to reschedule any of your exams outside of these windows.

CIMA Exam Timetable

CIMA Exam Timetable

If you are trying to plan when next to do an exam here are your options.

For the Certificate in Business Accounting exams, they are all available on-demand at any time. So, these can be very easily designed to fit around your work and study plans.

The Professional Level exams are split between Objective Test and Case Study exams. Similar to the Certificate in Business the Objective Test is available on-demand once there is availability in your nearest assessment centre. 

Each level of the Professional Exams (Operational, Management and Strategic) has three objective tests to be passed before you can progress to the next level. After completing each level of Objective Tests, you must complete a case study exam. 

In the case of receiving exemptions for the previous study, you may not have to complete every exam in every level, but this will be agreed with CIMA when making your initial application. 

The Case Study exams take place over four windows each year, February, May, August and November. Within each of those exam windows each exam will be available for three days, Wednesday to Friday.

In advance of you sitting your case study exam, you will receive pre-seen material 3-4 weeks in advance. This is the case study that your exam will be based on although additional information on the company and industry may be introduced in your exam paper.

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