What topics are covered in the FRM Foundations of Risk Management course?

FRM, FRM Course | by learnsignal Education Team

Foundations of Risk Management is one of the four broad topics GARP tests in its FRM Part 1 exam. This broad topic has 20% weight in the exam, which means out of a total of 100 questions asked, you may expect 20 questions from this section. This section focuses on foundational concepts of risk management and how risk management adds value to an organization. There are eleven chapters or readings in this section. If you go through the GARP specific learning objectives (LOs) for this section, you will find most of the LOs are non-computational. Thus, this might appear easy. However, be informed that GARP often asks tricky questions on non-computational LOs. Therefore, to score well, non-computational LOs are to be equally emphasized. 
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When are FRM exams held in 2021?

FRM | by Clodagh O'Brien

Becoming a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) takes commitment, time and dedication. To help you plan effectively, it’s important to know the key FRM exam deadlines and dates. So, let’s dive in to find out more. 
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