How to Study for ACCA If You Have a Busy Schedule?

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People of different ages, with dissimilarly sized pockets and many times, with differences in their daily baggage, set out to pursue ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) each year. A full-time student who has no dependents, no job, and an easy lifestyle, in general, is likely to find passing ACCA exams much more accessible than a working mother of three.
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5 Factors That Influence The ACCA Exam Difficulty Level

ACCA, ACCA exam, pass ACCA, ACCA results | by Ayesha Jamal

When you start studying for a professional qualification exam, there will always be many questions and doubts in your mind, like, if the qualification is easy and whether it will pay back in the long run? The biggest question of all is how difficult it is to pass. 
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