Why are Students Going Online to Pass Their ACCA Exams? [Infographic]

Passing ACCA exams is difficult. It’s a qualification that employers look for because they know graduates are trained to a high standard. In recent years students have gone online to pass their exams. Why?

For professionals, an ACCA qualification will help boost and transform careers. So, it’s meant to be hard. 

But learning online is helping finance professionals across the world pass their ACCA exams. Here’s how!


Why students go online to pass ACCA exams infographic


Whether you are just embarking on ACCA exams, resitting exams or are just one away from becoming an ACCA affiliate it's worth exploring online learning to see if it's for you. 

The results speak for themselves when it comes to learning online and being as prepared as possible going into any ACCA exam. 

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