What is the best way to prepare for FRM exams?

FRM, FRM Course | by Alan Lynch

Being a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM) with the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) is a career changer that will set you apart in the global marketplace. The qualification prepares you for a career as a credit risk manager, market risk manager, regulatory risk manager, operational risk manager, or any related position.
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How to make Change Management a positive experience for your team

Management | by Ayesha Jamal

Organisational change is vital for staying competitive and achieving scale – and every successful enterprise, at some point, goes through a transition. Whether introducing new tools, growing a department, or merging with another company, these changes have a significant impact on the business trajectory. 
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How to Study for ACCA If You Have a Busy Schedule?

ACCA, ACCA online, ACCA exam, ACCA tips, ACCA FAQ, ACCA study, pass ACCA | by Ayesha Jamal

People of different ages, with dissimilarly sized pockets and many times, with differences in their daily baggage, set out to pursue ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) each year. A full-time student who has no dependents, no job, and an easy lifestyle, in general, is likely to find passing ACCA exams much more accessible than a working mother of three.
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What topics are covered in the FRM Foundations of Risk Management course?

FRM, FRM Course | by learnsignal Education Team

Foundations of Risk Management is one of the four broad topics GARP tests in its FRM Part 1 exam. This broad topic has 20% weight in the exam, which means out of a total of 100 questions asked, you may expect 20 questions from this section. This section focuses on foundational concepts of risk management and how risk management adds value to an organization. There are eleven chapters or readings in this section. If you go through the GARP specific learning objectives (LOs) for this section, you will find most of the LOs are non-computational. Thus, this might appear easy. However, be informed that GARP often asks tricky questions on non-computational LOs. Therefore, to score well, non-computational LOs are to be equally emphasized. 
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5 Factors That Influence The ACCA Exam Difficulty Level

ACCA, ACCA exam, pass ACCA, ACCA results | by Ayesha Jamal

When you start studying for a professional qualification exam, there will always be many questions and doubts in your mind, like, if the qualification is easy and whether it will pay back in the long run? The biggest question of all is how difficult it is to pass. 
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Is ACCA recognized in Australia?

ACCA, Why ACCA?, study ACCA, ACCA salary | by Ayesha Jamal

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a professional accountancy body recognized in more than 170 countries worldwide. For ACCA members who wish to shift to Australia, the good news is that ACCA is recognized in Australia. Many ACCA members have found themselves pursuing lucrative careers in Australia, owing to their prestigious professional qualifications.
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Is ACCA Recognized in Canada?

ACCA online, Study for ACCA, ACCA study | by Ayesha Jamal

At present, ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is not directly recognized in Canada. There was a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between CGA Canada and ACCA which allowed members of ACCA to be automatically admitted to CPA Ontario, which has expired in April 2021. 
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5 Important Accounting Formulas Students Must Know

ACCA, ACCA study, CIMA exams, Accounting, AAT | by Ayesha Jamal

Accounting is basically how a business records, organizes and interprets its financial information, which is derived by the use of a set of formulas and represented in a way that’s easy for decision making.
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When are FRM exams held in 2021?

FRM | by Clodagh O'Brien

Becoming a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) takes commitment, time and dedication. To help you plan effectively, it’s important to know the key FRM exam deadlines and dates. So, let’s dive in to find out more. 
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What are the Different Levels of AAT?

AAT | by Alan Lynch

Whether you’re looking to change industries, take your accounting role to the next level or boost your skillset, AAT provides a range of courses that can help kickstart or advance your career. 
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