When are FRM exams held in 2021?

FRM | by Clodagh O'Brien

Becoming a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) takes commitment, time and dedication. To help you plan effectively, it’s important to know the key FRM exam deadlines and dates. So, let’s dive in to find out more. 
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What are the Different Levels of AAT?

AAT | by Alan Lynch

Whether you’re looking to change industries, take your accounting role to the next level or boost your skillset, AAT provides a range of courses that can help kickstart or advance your career. 
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AAT Exam Fees 2021: Everything You Need to Know

AAT | by Alan Lynch

If you’re considering an AAT qualification, exam fees can play an important role in your decision. Is AAT affordable? How much is it? How are fees broken down?
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7 of the Best Influencers Every Accountant Should Follow

Accounting | by Conor Motyer

There is no doubt social platforms can provide you with a wealth of information on almost any subject.
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How to Progress Your Career After ACCA Exams

ACCA | by Laura Carrick

Passing your ACCA exams can be a long journey, but the boost to your career makes the effort worthwhile. 
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IAS-21 — The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

CPD | by Alan Lynch

The foreign exchange market can be affected by many factors. In countries with a floating exchange rate, their foreign exchange rates are exposed to volatility due to the effects of the different factors. Read on to find out more...
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How Much Do Professional Accounting Exams Cost?

ACCA, CIMA, Accounting | by Clodagh O'Brien

A question we're often asked is the price of professional accounting exams such as ACCA and CIMA and how it will benefit someone's career and potential salary. We explore all of these questions in this new blog.
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What is the Role of an Accountant in a Business?

Accounting | by Laura Carrick

We know that accountants collect data and report taxes, but there’s also a world of opportunity when it comes to growing a business. As a result, qualified accountants are in huge demand across industries and continents!
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How are CIMA Case Study Exams Marked?

CIMA | by Conor Motyer

When you’re sitting a professional exam like CIMA, it’s important to understand how each section of the tests are marked and what you need to do to pass. Read on to find out more about your CIMA case study exams.
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How Can a CIMA Qualification Help You Get a Job?

CIMA, Career | by Laura Carrick

A career in finance can offer plenty of diversity and an exciting work environment. What can you do to make sure you can land a job in finance? Turns out, a CIMA certification can put you ahead of the game!
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